A raw, heartfelt message this Mother's Day

A raw, heartfelt message this Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is like Christmas - only celebrated once a year and filled with love and affection (and gifts). On this Mother's Day, I wrote a letter to my younger self. One that I hope you, Supermom and Super Grandma, can relate. Moms are the glue that hold a family together. We just need to be reminded every now and then. Happy Mother's Day!

New Mom

To My Younger Self who just became a Mom,

Get ready for an experience unlike any other. Everything will now be seen through your children's eyes. Their joys will be your joys and their griefs will worry you. Life feels hard right now with sleepless nights, but it will get easier in some respects and harder in others. 

You will often feel like you have no idea what you're doing and will feel like you're failing. Often called "Mom Fails", this is such a misnomer because for one, they are not fails and two, they are not because you are a mom (no one calls them Dad Fails). You'll make mistakes like forgetting to pack lunch or dropping your daughter off at cheer practice and picking her up only to realize the school was closed. But, the one thing you'll learn is that kids are resilient and so are you.

Birthdays and holidays will take on new meaning. You'll find yourself staying up late to bake cakes and wrap gifts because there is nothing better than watching your kids light up with excitement. 

You'll do everything in your power to provide your children the best and you'll discover a passion for feeding them food that makes them stronger and healthier. You'll launch not one, but two businesses to share this passion with other families. And this, like motherhood, will challenge you in ways you didn't know. Ways that will ultimately make you stronger. 

You'll realize that everything you now do as a mom is what your mom did for you and will appreciate her even more. So thank her. Often.

You may not think this, but you are a SUPERMOM. Quiet those doubts and fears because you're doing a great job and you've totally got this!

With love,

Your Somewhat Wiser Older Self

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