Plant-Based Baking Hacks: Egg Substitutes

Plant-Based Baking Hacks: Egg Substitutes

Egg Substitutes

If you are thinking of trying vegan baking or have recently started exploring plant-based recipes, you might be thinking about what you can use instead of eggs. As one of the most essential ingredients in baking recipes, eggs are critical for baking everything from small muffins to wedding cakes. So how can you switch bake delicious treats without using eggs? This blog can help you to bake without eggs.

Best plant-based egg substitutes 

  • Flaxseed eggs

Flaxseed egg is one of the most popular plant-based substitutes for eggs. You just need to mix 1 Tbsp. of grounded flaxseed and 3 Tbsps. of water, and you will have your flaxseed egg ready!

The mixture will have a similar texture and consistency to that of an egg, which can act as an amazing binding ingredient for baking recipes.

The only downside of flaxseed eggs is that they do not provide lift during baking like traditional eggs do. Accordingly, flaxseed eggs work best for recipes that do not require a lot of lift, such as cookies.

  • Chia Egg

Just like flaxseed egg, chia egg can be made by mixing 1 Tbsp. of chia seeds with 3 Tbsps. of water. Chia eggs have a more gel-like texture as compared to flaxseed eggs. In this way, they work best for baked treats, such as cookies and pancakes.

  • Silken Tofu

Silken Tofu is a very popular binding ingredient for savoury baked goods and recipes, such as creamy pies, cheesecake, or puddings. It is quite dense and heavy, which is why it is recommended for most baked products.

  • Mashed Banana

Although mashed banana adds a little banana flavour to the recipe, it still serves as a great substitute for eggs. 1 egg is equal to ½ of a mashed banana. Not only it is a great binder, but it also comes with a strong flavour. Hence, mashed banana is the perfect binder for recipes that use bananas as their star ingredients, like banana bread or banana muffins.

  • Applesauce

Applesauce is another great substitute for eggs. ¼ of applesauce is equal to 1 egg. The reason why it acts like a binder is that apples contain pectin, which provides a lot of moisture. Hence, applesauce can work as an excellent binder for dense and moist desserts. However, make sure to get unsweetened applesauce to avoid making your dessert too sweet.

  • Aquafaba or chickpea brine

Aquafaba is similar to whipped egg whites in texture. Hence, it is a helpful substitute for recipes, such as macarons or meringue that require egg whites instead of a whole egg.

So if you are looking for plant-based egg substitutes, there are a lot of options available in the market. However, the substitute you use depends upon the recipe you are making. For more plant-based recipes and guides, check out our website or subscribe to our bi-monthly kits. Plant-based baking doesn’t have to be difficult!

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