Easter Bunny Brownie Cake

Easter Bunny Brownie Cake

Easter Bunny Brownie Cake

Have you made a brownie cake before? With Easter approaching, I wanted to make something with our Dark Chocolate Fudgy Brownie Mix. This mix is unlike any on the market. It's full of upcycled, sustainable, and clean label ingredients (better-for-you and better-for-the-planet). It's free from the Top 9 Allergens (tree nuts, peanuts, soy, wheat, dairy, shellfish, crustacean fish, sesame, eggs) as well as refined sugar. Plus, it's super fudgy and indulgent that you wouldn't even guess that it is healthier. 

To start, I piped out the "grass" using a healthier buttercream (1 cup unsalted dairy-free butter plus 1 cup Monkfruit Powdered Sugar and 1 tsp Vanilla). I colored it with Supernatural Green food coloring powder (colored naturally with spirulina). To get that grass-like texture, I used the Wilton tip 233 to pipe. 

Next, I made this adorable bunny butt using palm oil-free white chocolate by painting the inside of this silicone mold and letting it harden in the fridge. I cut a vegan marshmallow diagonally to create the feet and attached naturally colored pearls. 

Finally, I used some buttercream to attach naturally colored chocolate almonds to the bunny butt and sprinkled them around the "grass." Voila! An easy Easter brownie cake. To see how I made it, WATCH HERE.

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